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World Leaders on Bitcoin (Part 4)

Richard Branson:


Business magnate (5 billion USD (2018) Forbes)

“Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution. And Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency.”

[Source: CNBC]


Eric Schmidt:


Executive Chairman of Google (14.5 billion USD (2018) Forbes)

“[Bitcoin] is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value…Lots of people will build businesses on top of that.” [Source: Newsbtc.com]

Peter Thiel:


Co-Founder of PayPal (2.5 billion USD (2018) Forbes)

“PayPal had these goals of creating a new currency. We failed at that, and we just created a new payment system. I think Bitcoin has succeeded on the level of a new currency, but the payment system is somewhat lacking. It’s very hard to use, and that’s the big challenge on the Bitcoin side.” [Source: Cryptocoinnews]

Jack Ma:


Chinese business magnate (43.1 billion USD (2018) Forbes)

“Honestly, I’m not that big of a fan on Bitcoin. But I pay special attention to the cashless society, blockchain technology. Bitcoin, the thing I want to know is what value can the Bitcoin bring to the society, but behind the Bitcoin, the technology by itself is very powerful. So in my job in Alibaba and Alipay is trying to make sure that the world will move into a cashless society. A society can make everybody equal and sustainable inclusive and transparent. I hate corruption, I don’t want someone to take away my opportunity. This is why we want a cashless society. But Bitcoin, we watch it very carefully. And I would not say I am a fan of Bitcoin. However I’m also as curious as you are. I’m not an expert on it and I don’t pretend I know. There is one thing that I want to share with all of you. One day when you do business, or do whatever, if you don’t know it’s not shameful. But if you don’t know and you pretend to know, it is very shameful. I don’t know about Bitcoin.”

Barack Obama:


“If technology it is possible, to make an impenetrable device or system. Where the encryption is so strong there’s no key, there’s no door at all, and then how do we apprehend the child pornographer. How do we solve or prevent a terrorist plot. What mechanisms do we have available to enforce simple things such as tax enforcement. Because if in fact you can’t crack that at all, government can’t get in. Everyone is walking around with a swiss bank account in their pocket.”

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